- Top 5 Apps College Students Need
Top 5 Apps College Students Need

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Chegg is a great free iPhone app that is provided by the top textbook rental company. My College bookstore loves to charge double of what my book(s) maybe worth. For the last three years I have resorted to either rental or amazon student (money-saver!) With this app, you can search books by title, author, ISBN or by scanning the barcode and compare the rental prices for the textbooks you need against the sale price of the same books at stores.

Graphing Calculator Depending on your professor you may or may not be able to use this app, because it is on your phone. If you check with your professor beforehand then I suggest using this. It is a good tool to have when you are a math student. This great app to figure out all of your trigonometry equations. ($1.99)

gFlash is an app that students can use to create their own flashcards to help them prepare for exams. I am always on the go and having electronic flashcards makes life so much easier. With gFlash, you can either create the flashcards from scratch or use Google Docs to create them, saving a lot of time so you can study more.

iStudiez is an app that lets you outline your class schedule so that you never forget what classes you have on which day, or where they are. In addition, iStudiez also let you keep track of your GPA and lets you keep track of your assignments. (Free or $2.99)

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock Do you have a 7 in the morning class? But have a hard time getting up? Well I suggest Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock it monitors your sleeping patterns through the accelerometer in the iPhone to help find out the best time to activate your alarm, during the lightest sleep phase.

Which App would you use?

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